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The experts are reasonably agreed: 50% of search engine optimization consists of changing the titles on your site, creating a good site structure, consider what keywords you want vines, etc. All these have one thing in common: They are set on your own site. The other 50% of your ranking in search engines is dependent on the quality of the links to your site, known as backlinks. This article is about the collection of these links, which we call link building.

Link Building is getting popular because this is indicator of a website’s popularity. Google and other search engines give preference to the links. However, some SEOs and webmasters engage in the practice of buying and selling links that pass PageRank, disregard the quality of the links, the sources, and the long term impact it will have on their sites. Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines and can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.

Link Building with no paid links
Paid links are penalized by Google and it is considered to be spamming. You should focus on getting quality unpaid link. This article describes the following issues:

  • Initial Link Building analysis
  • Check existing Links
  • Target your product or service definition
  • Tools and other tips

Initial Link Building analysis
The first step of a link building campaign should be to create a keyword review which is one of the most important aspects of SEO. What terms do you Rank? An important question here is whether you want plants on more general terms with heavy traffic, or more specific terms of which the conversion rate will be higher. This is of course too many factors. Do you have a small site in a competitive market? Focus on more than ‘long’ tail terms. Do you have a great brand and authority? Focus on general tips more than fishermen. Do you have a web shop? Look in your stats to see what kind of terms the most rewarding. Return on Investment is your criterion.

A logical second step is that you look “what you already have”; Already at rank 1 on a beautiful keyword? Focus more on the terms then you need some. Using tracking data, traffic data and have earned rankings you determine a priority order of the keywords you in step one.

The third step in the process of analyzing the quality of the current profile link. This way you can see quickly if you have crappy links. This could be links to a site with a ban, but a site wide link on an unrelated site is not too good. An analysis of your current links is therefore essential to achieve a healthy link profile.

It may have noticed that I so far no competitor analysis mentioned. Obviously you want to know who your competitors. Identify your competitors, so you can see why it shoots so well. Your competitors are online or not your competitors, but rather other sites in search engine results pages next to you. For this you can made before keyword lists. If you encounter a site that exorbitant rank, you might wonder why this is so. This site has good link building techniques? Or is it simply an old domain with some old links? Is very link worthy content? Or are they another smart (and imitable) the high rankings obtained?

Check current relationships
Every company has a number of existing relationships. Think of suppliers, customers, partners, industry associations etc. I notice that I read little about these relationships in articles about link building. Yet these are often links that are easy to collect. Because the existing relationship is already there, you can simply ask for a link. In fact, you often have the opportunity to play with the anchor text.

You must be careful here that you do not have to place too much link back. Reciprocal linking (link exchange) is something that Google does not want.

Define Target
In short, you can be left in following ways:

  • Buy Links or questions
  • Write articles on other sites with a link to your site

Buy Links or questions
You may buy one link and you can often get away with quite nice, but the Google guidelines move the purchased links to a blackhat path.

Write articles on other sites with a link to your site
Anyway, I am more in favor of content syndication. Because you created the article strongly related topic, such a link is much more valuable than a link from a less related SiteBar page.

Note that I have not yet spoken about tools. Yet there are dozens of link building tools available. The problem of a common link backup tool is that you often find more than just what homepages. These are not the most valuable links and generally think that you yourself do. Course it is a small effort by a few competitors to get such a tool and you certainly do. I consider tools but as a last step in your link building project.

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