Using PayPal To Fund Your Account at Poker Sites

Online poker as we all know has become not only the most entertaining pastime, but it has also become a great source of income for many. With so many poker sites available and new ones coming up all the time, poker has become a household entertainer for several years now.

Before these poker sites came into existence, there were only a limited few that played poker, as one needed to go to a club or casino to enjoy their favorite game. However, with the increasing popularity of online poker sites, there has been a tremendous growth of poker enthusiasts over the years.

There are innumerable poker sites that one can choose to play at, but sometimes the payment options available may not be suitable for some. Although there are several payment options offered by all these poker sites, poker players might find that the payment mode they are comfortable with may not be available to them.

Apart from credit cards, the second most commonly used payment option is PayPal. Although a few years ago PayPal had withdrawn its services to poker sites, it is slowly coming back as a payment medium for poker players. PayPal is a well known online provider that offers quick and easy money transactions, be it sending or receiving payments online.

Unfortunately, as PayPal had withdrawn its services to online poker sites, there are very few poker sites that offer PayPal as a payment option to fund your poker account. However, with its comeback and its wide usage, it will be only a matter of time that the other poker sites will include PayPal as one of their payment methods.

In the meantime, poker players looking for poker sites that offer PayPal will have to suffice themselves with what is available. Although there are not many poker sites that offer you this payment option, the ones that extend this service are some of the top in the poker arena.

Some well-known names include Party Poker, Betfair Poker, William Hill Poker, Paddy Poker, BWin Poker, Ladbrokes and Pacific Poker. Another sad thing about it is that the services are limited only to European customers, so anyone outside Europe is still excluded from using this payment/withdrawal medium.

However, poker sites have various other options, which in fact are several in numbers, so it is not all that disappointing if you cannot use PayPal to fund your account.

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