Tips for selecting best poker bonuses

Following are some of the criteria which you must have in mind when you select a poker bonus.

Poker Bonuses: The Best Offers
Online poker sites offer poker bonuses to attract new players. It’s that simple. This is a money game and a money business. The constant stream of revenue from loyal players may not be enough to sustain a poker site. Online poker sites grow by adding new players on a regular basis.

If You Are New
It may be wise to go with an established site that offers a good, but not quite so high, bonus. Even the smaller bonuses can double or triple a first deposit. The best way to make the decision is to take a look at some of the offers from recommended poker sites. This will give you a good idea about where to put your poker money.

Tip: Look for the games you enjoy offered by a reliable poker site operator.

Bonuses will vary quite a bit from one site to another, with offers from $100 to $1000. It seems that currently the “average” is somewhere in the $400 to $600 range. If you have decided to play online poker the poker bonus can be a great reward for choosing a particular site. If you are going to play for money anyway, poker bonuses don’t cost you a thing.

Some Details
There is one key element that everyone should consider when depositing money to get a new-player bonus. Read the fine print or ask a customer-support person about “clearing” your bonus. Basically, this means that when you deposit $200, for example, the site will establish a bonus account with $200 in it. To get that $200 you must play a specific number of hands on the site.

But there’s a bit more to the story. The hands you play must be “raked” hands. The site takes a small percentage from each hand played. That’s how they make their money. The site might take a small percentage of each pot, with a maximum of $3, $4 or $5.

Let’s look at an example. Suppose the bonus is $500. You may have to play five times or ten times that many hands to get access to the bonus. Some sites keep track of play by awarding member points or player points based on how many hands you play. This is one way that a site might reward players who prefer to play in tournaments rather than cash games.

Tip: Make sure you check to see if there is a time limit on poker bonuses. You may have to play that specific number of hands within a certain period of time. This might mean playing a bit more often than you originally planned.

Don’t expect that extra money to make you a “winner” in the long run. You still have to play good poker, which means making good decisions. The first good decision is to determine which site has the games, the poker bonuses and the atmosphere that you enjoy. Then as you play this classic game online you can look forward to having some extra money to work with. If you are going to play smart online poker, poker bonuses can add to your bankroll (and your fun).

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