Ten tips for earning more money on poker sites

Ten tips for earning more money on poker sites

Many players wishing to play poker on poker sites for the first time think it is easier to make money playing poker on poker sites. But this is not true, in order to make money on online poker you must do your home work.

1 – Know Your Game

When you play poker games on poker sites you must familiarize yourself with the all aspect of poker games. Most of the poker sites offer free poker games which you can play to familiarize yourself before playing for money.

2 – Focus on a particuls game

Many new poker players would like to try to play at many games same time which is bad. If you are not focusing on one game you will loose concentration and chances are you will start loosing money. The easiest game to play on poker sites is No Limit Texas Holdem Poker. Once you have mastered it you can proceed to play other games such as Omaha Poker, Stud, Razz or any other game. However make sure that you are not involved in playing more than one type of game at a time.

3 – Manage your bankroll

When you are new to online poker you must control your bankroll and keep it under tight control. It is human nature to gamble more once they start loosing which will ultimately result in more losses and it becomes addiction.

Poker is wonderful game which involves more skill than luck and you should show control in spending on it.

4 – Play selective hands

You should be selective about the hands you play, playing too many and all hands might result in losses and waste of time.

You should wait for strong hands to play while opting cautious for weaker hands. For other hands you might want to check before betting on them.

5 – Follow other player’s strategy

You should follow other players game carefully watching their moves, betting strategies, bluffs etc. It will improve you to guess other players game strategy and help you to win the game easily.

6 – Take break from the game

If you are having bad luck and you are not getting strong hands or you are on loosing streak then you must take a break or pause the game and come back after some time with a fresh start.

7 – Bet Correctly

You not bet irrationally. If you have got very strong hands and you have chances of winning then only you must raise. If you have weak hands and chances of winning are less then you should not bet a lot.

8 – Be careful with No-Limit poker game

You should take extra care in no limit holdem poker. Other players might be inexperienced and their betting pattern wouldn’t follow any established pattern and your logic would fail against them. You bluffs wouldn’t have any effect on them and they would rather call you than to fold.

9 – Bet only when you are confident

Chances of making money at low limit games are very less and at higher limit games most of players are professional and they know what they are doing. So if you are playing in high limit fames you must make move only when you are confident with it or else you will end up in loosing a lot of money.

10 – Develop your own strategy

You must practice to have your own strategy for all aspect of the game. This can’t be done in one day but it requires constant practice and a lot of observation.

You must learn how to bluff, how to play slow, how to remember your moves and how to guess other players cards.

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