Wimps do not Play Lotto

Dare to be brave when you play lotto

Exertion and Paranoia

Think about it …  It takes an awful lot of brainwaves to figure out your lucky numbers.  You’ve to really exert yourself to come up with a totally unique and one-of-a-kind combination of numbers that’ll hopefully beat all odds and win you the lotto jackpot draw.

Play Lotto Online

Then, if you hadn’t purchased your ticket online, you’ll be tasked with finding a safe hiding place for it.  If you’ve got that niggling little voice at the back of your head insisting that your ticket holds the lucky numbers, you’ll probably break out in a sweat and start shaking uncontrollably.

You’ll probably contort your body acrobatically when you hide your ticket halfway up the chimney. Then you’ll draw up a chair, sit down with arms folded akimbo-style, and glare suspiciously at your granny when she dares to shuffle past you on her way to the kitchen.

Visions and Hallucinations

Waiting for the draw to take place can be extremely taxing on your system.  You may experience visions of grandeur when you hallucinate about being showered with cash until you drop.  You may, in varying degrees, experience symptoms such as hyperventilation, palpitations, and sweaty palms.  Anxiety, a dry mouth, shaking hands, and lightheadedness may also plague you.

Jubilation and Ecstasy

Then, when the draw finally takes place and the lucky numbers are called, you’ll probably shout and jump and pump the air with your fists as realization dawns that it’s your lucky numbers!  With each number called, the level of elation, joy, exultation and sheer delight that may course through your body, will definitely reach unimaginable heights.  Then, if you hit the jackpot, you’ll probably pass out stone cold for a minute or so.

Playing lotto isn’t for sissies.  It’s taxing on your body and mind.  Hitting the lotto jackpot may have you ululating and celebrating non-stop for years to come. So the only way to win, is to dare to play lotto. The sooner the beter. How about right now?

If you are not a wimp, play lotto online right NOW!

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