How to promote business online

Recession has caused a lot of small businesses to cut in their marketing budget. They can no longer afford traditional offline marketing due to the cost factor. Promoting business online is the way forward for any small business. Promoting business online is not as costly as promoting it offline. In this article I would provide some of the methods which you can utilize to promote business online.

Online Presence

Before you could start online promotion you need to have online presence. You need a good website or ecommerce site if you wish to sell products or services online. A good web design itself attracts a lot of visitors and gives a better recognition to your online business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most popular and most affordable way of promoting business online. SEO is nothing but process of making your website appear in top of search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. SEO requires a lot of hard work, patience and time to bring the best result. Many people believe that getting into Google top 10 or any other search engine is easy and can be done in just 1 month. Which is not the case. SEO is an organic process and it takes some time before your website can start appearing in the top of search result. You should get services from a Good SEO Company who can provide you guaranteed services.

It is well known fact that a website appearing Google top 10 ranking bring a lot of traffic.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the paid marketing methods. PPC is the most popular form of advertisement which a lot of businesses prefer over SEO. I’m not a fan of PPC. In PPC you loose money just because someone clicks on your advertisement without taking any action.

Affiliate marketing is another popular form of SEM in which you share the profit with the marketing people who market your business. This form of marketing is popular among webmasters who participate in it to make money.

Banner advertisement is also popular and attract visitors to your business. Yahoo offers banner advertisement in CPM advertisement model in which you pay to them for number of impressions.

Local Business Listing

Local business listing is also an effective way of promoting your business online. There are plenty of free business websites on which you can list your business and get potential customers/clients. Google, Yahoo and MSN offer local business listing on their directories. Google Local business listing is free. Yahoo Business directory is paid listing. Bing (MSN) local listing is available in USA only.

Business Directories

There are many free and paid business directories in which you can list you online business. Some of the good business directories are HotFrog and Freeindex (UK).

Social Media Marketing

Present Internet era belongs to the Social Media revolution. The power of Social Media is well known to anyone who is familiar with the Internet. You can utilize Social Media to promote you online business as well. Promoting your online business in Social Media can be tricky task as most of the social media is for individual users rather than businesses.

Not all businesses and website can be promoted in social media. You need to have a website which is optimized for social media. Blogs are the most suitable for social media marketing.

You will, certainly, need services of a Social Media Marketing agency as this task requires the knowledge of the social media optimization (SMO).

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing (minus spam) is another way to promote your online business. Before you should start doing e-mail marketing you should build e-mailing list. sendBlaster is one of the best bulk e-mail software which allows you to manage all the aspect of e-mail marketing campaign.

Newsletters are one of the most common form of e-mail marketing where as you send regular updates to your subscribed customers/clients.

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