ADHD And Bach Flower Therapy

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can be of three types, one that relates only to inattentiveness, commonly termed as ADD, the other is the hyperactive kind while the third has a mixture of both the symptoms and are called ADHD. Although ADHD is a grave mental illness, it cannot be mixed with disorders that relate to involuntary motor and reflex difficulties.

The symptoms of ADHD arise in childhood and are noticeable only after the age of seven. However, the disorder continues even in adulthood, making it difficult for a person to have proper control over his or her mind. This mental condition is far more prevalent in boys than it is in girls often making it difficult to distinguish between hyperactivity and normal activeness that is commonly seen in boys. This disease or mental illness is not incurable, but it is better to use natural remedies and psychotherapy as a cure for ADHD, instead of medicines bought over the counter.

The prescribed medications, which are generally nerve stimulants, can be very strong and produce grave side effects and must be avoided as much as possible. Bach flower therapy is a highly recommended natural treatment for ADHD that has been used for more than seven decades. It is purely a natural remedy, as extracts derived from flowers constitute the Bach flower therapy. In Bach flower therapy, essences are drawn out from flowers with therapeutic qualities and stored in a brandy solution and can be taken with or without water.

Bach flower therapy has helped many ADHD patients focus better on activities and pay better attention to what is being said or done. It has been observed that those on Bach flower therapy show more improvements than those taking the standard ADHD medications. Apart from this Bach flower therapy does not cause any reactions while allopathic ADHD medicines produce side effects such as mental retardation and stunted growth.

Thirty-eight flower extracts, which form a part of the Bach flower therapy, are used in combination with one another to cure various mental conditions, which includes ADHD. Bach flower therapy can be continued along with other medications without complication. ADHD is a serious problem and must not be ignored. It is important to treat the problem, as soon as it is diagnosed, but when we consider the side effects of regular ADHD medicines, we realize how Bach flower therapy is a better treatment for it. It is safer to go for Bach flower therapy, which has long lasting effects rather than using the regular medicines that provide only temporary relief.

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