How About Trying Funny Ringtones For A Change

Everyone has heard about monophonic ringtones, polyphonic tones and truetones, but there are only a few that know about funny ringtones. Funny ringtones are just like any other tone, except for the fact that they make you laugh as soon as they begin to ring. Animal sounds or a quick joke or a sudden funny noise such as a police siren or a baby crying etc, often make people burst out into laughter.

There are people who like to add these fun tones to their mobile phones just to see others smile or even jump up in alarm. Just like any other ringtones, funny tones too can be downloaded from various websites on the Internet. There is variety and a surprising number of fun tones that you can download and if you want you can even get them for free through the numerous free to download websites.

Funny ringtones bring a great variation to the other commonly used tones and are certainly unique, as not everyone thinks of using them either due to embarrassment or just because they do not know about it. You can also create your own funny ringtones by recording sounds around you or taking up excerpts from some hilarious show or maybe copy a funny song or a comic sound from a cartoon show. It can be just about anything that is funny, you can add variety to it and if you have an innovative mind, there is nothing to stop you.

You can be the creator of your own funny tones. Just watch the others fall off their seats in laughter when they hear those side-splitting ringtones on your mobile phone. Apart from the funny ringtones, you can also choose to have some scary tones that can send a shiver down the spine. While some may find such tones funny, there may be others who will jump out of their skin when they hear that eerie ring tone go off. Watch their faces turn white in horror, but be careful that the ringtone is not too scary, as you wouldn’t want someone to faint in fear. Enjoy your ringtones and let the others enjoy them too. Make a gloomy and quiet surrounding a cheerful and boisterous atmosphere. Having multiple ringtones can be fun and you can have each call alert assigned a different tone, so that you have variety and there is more laughter around you. If you have not tried them yet, you can still begin collecting fun tones today.

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