Where to find Information on Language study in England

Before booking any language course in England potential students should head for the website of the British Council to ensure that the school they choose runs only accredited courses with fully qualified teachers.

The British Council is a governmental body governing the many independent schools around the world where foreign students can learn English. A tutor wishing to teach at a British Council run school must have a university degree in a relevant field and a CELTA teaching certificate, which signifies that the tutor is fully versed and experienced in teaching English to foreign language students.

But there are not just English language courses that a foreign student can learn in England. The United Kingdom is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society and this means that pretty much every language from across the globe is available at language schools across the United Kingdom. Many independent schools have tutors who also teach French or Spanish or German for example.

Most students considering a language study in England think of studying in London first, but there are many cities and towns across the United Kingdom, where foreign students can enrol for a language course. Although London has probably the largest number of independent schools and also the British Council schools, there are opportunities to study and explore other places in England and the rest of the United Kingdom. The British Council website has many tips on choosing language tutition providers.

Some language providers even arrange for home stays with host families where the tuition takes place at the home of the host family. A qualified tutor opens their home to foreign students and teaches them for around 4 to 5 hours every day. The remainder of the day is spent on doing homework and exploring the surroundings. Language study in England can be expensive when staying in an apartment or hotel room, but many schools offer their own in-halls accommodation as well as the option of staying with host families.

Adult students who originate from EU member states are permitted to work in the UK and although in the present economic climate there are perhaps not as many opportunities as there once were, but anyone from a EU member state, who is considering a longer stay in England in order to learn how to speak the English language fluently, should be able to keep the costs down by doing some part time work.

British universities are a good place for language exchanges. Foreign students who enrolled on a language course in England might like to offer teaching their own language to another student in exchange for free additional English tuition. This is a good way to make new friends and to get as many opportunities of speaking English as possible during the time the student is in England.

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