What Is The Difference Between NUF and AS Companies

AS aksjeselskap is a Norwegian based limited company whereas NUF selskap is a private limited company based in the UK with a branch in Norway.

According to the law passed in 1999 by the EU court, all EU countries are required to grant registration to a branch of a company with a limited company in another EU country. Due to stricter company laws in Norway, many Norwegian businessmen prefer to establish a limited company in another EU country with a branch in Norway. So you can have a limited company in the UK, where company formation laws are milder and then easily register for a NUF. You may consult a formation agency such as Panlegis for a greater understanding of Norway company formation.

The NUF is no different from the AS, as it enjoys all the benefits of a Norwegian limited company even though it is a branch of a foreign limited company. A NUF selskap can operate a business in the same manner as an AS because similar facilities are available to them as their counterpart. The capital requirement is the same for both companies with the paid up share capital being decided by the entrepreneur according to the business requirement. Also the NUF does not need to hire an auditor if the annual turnover of the branch is lower than NOK 5 million. All tax commitments are also the same. If the company has business operations in the UK, then the tax return will be filed with the UK tax authority.

NUF selskap is fast developing as one of the best options for registering a UK company branch. With the help of formation consultants like that at Panlegis, you can achieve a quick and authentic Norway company formation along with extended support offered after the registration has been completed and the company becomes operational. The benefit of NUF companies is that even small businesses can look to forming a company, as there is no need for large capital investments or an annual audit either.

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