Swedish SUF, SUF Bolag company Formation

Now you can easily establish a registered office anywhere in the EU, in this case in Sweden without it being a Swedish limited company. This can be achieved through SUF, a very popular business solution in Sweden. With the SUF, you may register a limited company in England with a branch in Sweden and what is great is that you get to avail yourself of all the benefits that a Swedish AB company enjoys. The advantage of an SUF is that you are relieved of personal liabilities and you also get to enjoy greater social rights.

To register a branch office in Sweden, you must first establish a limited company in England and then proceed with the registration of the SUF. Although it may not be necessary to get the approval of the Swedish authorities, it is important to get the branch office registered at the Bolagsverket. You need to send in an application for a SUF Bolag before you begin any branch operations in Sweden. To ease your burden of going through the paperwork, you can use the services of a company formation agency such as Panlegis. Such companies can get your branch office registered within a few hours.

If you choose to hire a formations company, there is little you need to worry about. For instance, a company like Panlegis can get your limited company registered in England as well as can acquire a registered SUF for you without delay. It takes no more than two hours to complete all the paperwork, which is all done online and you are soon ready to begin planning for your SUF Bolag. This, besides the number of facilities available, is the reason why SUF is the fastest growing network of company branch registrations in Sweden.


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