No Business Obligations In England If You Have Ltd & Co Kg Partnership

It is not only easy to form, but also offers various advantages, which include the equal treatment of the Ltd & Co Kg with all other company forms in Germany. Also the main limited company, which is registered in England, does not have to have any business activities in England if they do not wish. All business takes place only in the German partnership. Seek further advice from a company formation agency like Panlegis.

If you have a business prospect that concentrates mainly on the German continental shelf and only having company operations in Germany will suffice your needs, you are not required to have any kind of business in England. As cross-country communication can be expensive and there is no great need for operations in the main limited company, you are free to carry out your business operations solely in Germany via your Ltd & Co Kg. However, to get exempted from paying taxes to the British tax authorities, you must present tax records of your Ltd & Co Kg to assure that the company is operating only in Germany.

The Ltd & Co Kg, which is much like the German GmbH & Co Kg, is liable to pay taxes to the German tax authorities. All maintained records must then be sent to the British tax authorities from time to time to show that the company is only operating in Germany and has no business operations in England. Get your English Limited and Ltd & Co Kg registered through a formations agency like Panlegis, as they will be able to help fulfil your needs better.

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